AirDog – The Autonomous Action Sports Drone

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It’s not about flying, it’s about getting the shot without taking anything away from what you love most – the action itself. AirDog is a self-flying action sports drone. Motion prediction technology and dedicated action sport flight modes is what enables users to capture themselves in action effortlessly in the most demanding conditions. Use AirLeash, a wearable, waterproof controller to select your sport, launch AirDog with the push of a button and go about business as usual; your every move will be captured no matter how fast or high you go.

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Dedicated Flight Modes

With every action sport bringing its set of unique challenges nothing generic works. AirDog has dedicated flight modes for every sport to provide complete autonomy and superior user experience.


In order to not waste battery life just to film your paddle out initialize takeoff with the press of a button on AirLeash once you’ve reached the break zone. AirDog will fly out to you when you’re ready to catch the perfect wave.


Set a virtual line with two endpoints and AirDog will fly above the cable lines and follow you back and forth as you shred in the park. You get smooth footage of all the action.


LiDAR kicks in for ground collision avoidance during rapid elevation changes, so you don’t have to worry about drop ins and steep trails. You can steer the drone while in action to stay clear of obstacles easily with AirLeash.


AirDog is able to handle varying terrain while following at high speeds and you can film your action almost anywhere with its compact and foldable body.


AirDog flies in winds up to 28 knots, and thanks to our sensor fusion technology all your jumps and tacks are sure to be captured.

AirLeash, Ready for Action

Unlike smartphones or handheld remote controls, AirLeash was specifically designed for action sports. It is wearable on a wrist or upper arm and its intuitive layout makes it easy to interact with even while in the middle of the action and the waterproof design makes it perfect for watersports.

Sensor Fusion Technology

Data from inertial measurement unit, GPS and compass are fused to provide the precision needed in action sports. Smart algorithms are applied on top of sensor data collected to predict motion and to account for unique motion patterns in every sport.

Foldable Body Design

Technology shouldn’t be limiting. The entire device is foldable, easily fitting in a backpack, giving you the freedom to roam wherever you choose to.


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