Pre-fabricated Shipping Container Home

get it nowTired of sleeping in the doghouse? Get yourself an extra home for your backyard.  This is a pre-fabricated shipping container home that comes ready to go and you can just order it right from Amazon.

Check it out here! Your very own Tiny Home

Perfect solution for a remote tiny home or vacation getaway. This is a completely finished 320 square foot tiny home. The tiny home unit can be placed on either 12″ concrete sonotube footings (10 total, one every 8 feet along perimeter) or a solid concrete slab.

Requires bottom access sewer connection. This standard unit has side water and electric connections. Includes bedroom, shower, toilet and sink plus a small kitchenette and living area. Large patio door open up the living area. Price includes kitchen appliances. shipping container home

  • Fully furnished tiny home – pre-fabricated from new shipping container.
  • Includes bedroom, shower, toilet, sink, kitchenette, living area.
  • Double patio doors within secure container doors.Fully insulated.
  • Bottom sewer connection, easy side water and electrical connection.
  • Includes appliances shown. Heated & air conditioned with mini split.

List Price: $ 36,000.00


Buy it now!

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